Services & Resources

Celebrate Neurodiversity! Autism Child Care and Resource Center is founded on forward-thinking, inclusive principles. We are attempting to open doors to a small group of children (3-6) in summer 2019. We will be offering a wide range of services once open for children, parents, and adults on the spectrum.

Child Care

Celebrate Neurodiversity! will be the only daycare in Wisconsin which exclusively operates for children on the spectrum and other developmental delays. Not only will the center have autism-friendly utilities such as a sensory room, trampoline, and soft, non-fluorescent lighting, but we will provide learning and creativity activities such as:

  • peer interaction
  • potty training
  • exposure to successful adults living with autism
  • singing and group time
  • physical coordination
  • emotion identification activities
  • mindfulness training
  • yoga
  • peer modeling
  • arts and crafts
  • grooming and self-care skills
  • music exposure
  • cooperative play
  • new food exposure for picky eaters
  • speech development
  • cognitive development

After conducting extensive research with parents of special needs children, we’ve learned many parents feel concerned their child may be subject to abuse under caretakers they are not familiar with. That is why we will utilize live camera feeds available through the internet so you may check on your child whenever you please. The links will be made private to prevent strangers from viewing your child.

Celebrate Neurodiversity! understands your child may have aggression issues. We will use behaviorist and cognitive approaches in every attempt to stifle aggression. We cannot, however, allow other children to be hurt so we may need to separate your child from the group temporarily. Live webcam will be featured in the quiet room so that your child’s safety and proper supervision are guaranteed.

Pricing guide:

2 – 3.5 years: $220/week full-time, $140 part-time

3.5 – 5 years: $210/week full-time, $135 part-time

5 – 7 years: $200/week full-time, $130 part-time

8 – 9 years: $190/week full-time, $125 part-time 

One day a week prices may be negotiable for parents who wish to socialize their children or simply to have a day to get the chores done without distractions. Part-time is defined as three days a week or less with full-time being five days a week (Monday-Friday).

Price has been determined in accordance with local average daycare pricing. Daycare assistance and respite assistance may help cover financial costs. An initial assessment will be made to determine to what extent your child requires immediate adult supervision. If above average adult supervision is required (such as not being able to feed themselves, aggression issues, etc.) pricing may be subject to increase, but will be negotiated before enrollment and will not increase at random.

Meals will be provided unless you prefer a specific diet.

At the time we open our doors in summer 2018, we will be fully state-certified. Background checks are performed on all employees and all teachers will hold state mandated training requirements as well as the center’s requirement of experience with children on the spectrum. Celebrate Neurodiversity! is a first of its kind in this regard.

Parental Education & Support Groups

Celebrate Neurodiversity! will hold monthly seminars for different educational opportunities in relation to a wide array of subjects, such as the neuroscience of autism, the basics of behaviorism, diets, vaccines, science literacy, technology and attention span, mirror neuron models of autism and other theories of learning. Parent feedback for subjects will be encouraged.

New parent consultations will be provided at no cost for all joining parents of newly diagnosed children.

Support groups for new parents and experienced parents will be held every other weekend.

Adult Autism Education & Support Groups

According to Autism Society of Wisconsin’s 2017 survey, one of the biggest needs in our area is resources for adults living with autism. Celebrate Neurodiversity! will offer monthly daily living skills classes, with the potential for other courses after receiving feedback on what is needed. Support groups for adults on the spectrum who would like to reach out and make new friends or share their thoughts and struggles will be held every other week. Plans are in development to create workshops aimed at finding employment and housing, paying taxes, and other responsibilities of adulthood.