State-licensed group child care and respite center. Now accepting enrollment!

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Celebrate Neurodiversity! Autism Child Care Center is founded on forward-thinking, inclusive principles. We will be hosting a full range of services, such as offering the only child care center in Wisconsin exclusively for children with autism and other developmental delays, parental education and support groups, and daily living skills courses and support groups for adults living on the spectrum. Celebrate Neurodiversity! aims to take a revolutionary approach at creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all people affected by autism. We will also offer resources for parents of newly diagnosed children. An autistic mind is a beautiful gift, and we will work diligently to develop strategies that work best for your child.

Some unique ideas to our child care center include daily mindfulness and yoga exercises, use of essential oil diffusors, sensory-friendly lighting, an open heart and mind to differences, and promoting individual interests and hobbies however we can. Send an email to to inquire about rates; limited child care and respite care positions are available.

2512 Carleton Avenue, Appleton WI 54915