CN! is a state-licensed child care center specializing in respite services for children on the autism spectrum. We now offer in-home respite service options as well. Our small, locally-founded business is contracted as a respite care provider with the CLTS waiver in Outagamie, Winnebago, and Calumet counties. 

We once more have a wait list for both center-based and in-home respite services. Please contact Rebecca (info below) to reserve your spot for future services. 

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Celebrate Neurodiversity! Respite and Resource Center is founded on forward-thinking, inclusive principles. We reject the traditional disease model of autism and embrace the neurodiversity model which accepts autism as a cognitive processing style difference rather than defect. We aim to create a catered and welcoming space for children with the intention of avoiding overstimulation of sensitivities unnecessarily and encouragement of independence, social interaction with both adults and peers, and healthy coping behaviors when stressed/frustrated. 

The educational model at Celebrate Neurodiversity! is largely self-guided and strength-based, which allows your child to explore new areas while also developing skills in the areas they find most enjoyable. We will not discipline your child for having hyper focuses or repetitions. We believe all children can excel in areas they are interested in and enjoy. We use logical reasoning as a staple in everyday interactions so that the children may grow and understand why there are things we can and can’t do. Most importantly, children at Celebrate Neurodiversity are respected as individuals who have personal preferences and boundaries that should be respected, regardless of communication level, while still encouraging them to develop new skills and healthy behaviors. We aim to serve as an extended family to you and your child.

2512 Carleton Avenue, Appleton WI 54915

 920-364-9267 – Please leave a message.