Meet the Team

Rebecca R. Timmins, M.S. – Founder, Director & Child Care Teacher


Rebecca R. Timmins, M.S. is founder and director of Celebrate Neurodiversity! Autism Respite and Resource Center. She holds a Master of Science in cognitive and affective psychology from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, which was a research focused program. As a graduate student, she served as lab supervisor to Dr. Hong’s clinical research team which worked largely on studies of mindfulness. Rebecca’s graduate thesis used EEG to examine the relationship between autistic traits in a neurotypical population and mirror neuron integrity. She had a particular interest in studying the neuroscience of autism. She also has one year experience as an ABA line technician. She holds the following certifications:

CPR & AED (Infant and Adult)

Shaken Baby Training

Mandated Reporter Training

Teaching Early Education to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Wisconsin Lifespan Respite Training

About Rebecca:

“As an undergrad, I was fortunate enough to take a capstone course called “The Neuropsychology of Autism”, and it inspired me to become a behavioral line technician with kids on the spectrum. It also helped me realize that I myself am above average in autistic traits, and therefore I really relate to children on the spectrum. I understand what it’s like to have food preferences from texture, sensory overload, or things being too loud. Having my cognitive and neuroscience background along with behavioral experience, I am excited to be able to incorporate cognitive natural stress reduction activities such as mindfulness training, yoga, biofeedback, music and the arts as a complimentary approach to child care for kids on the spectrum. This approach is aimed to put tools in the children’s hands for a lifetime that can be used to help shield against the psychological and physiological harm of stress and anxiety.

“My goal in creating this center is to provide a revolutionary, holistic approach to child care for kids with autism and to encourage each individual’s strengths while minimizing weaknesses. I wanted to create a place where children on the spectrum are safe to be themselves, and treated with the dignity and respect I would want to be treated with. Here at Celebrate Neurodiversity, we understand that autism itself is a neurological difference, not a behavioral problem.” 


Nicole Nikodem – Lead Child Care Teacher


Nicole Nikodem is the lead child care teacher at Celebrate Neurodiversity! Respite and Resource Center. Her certifications as recognized by the  state of Wisconsin include: 

CPR & AED (Infant and Adult)

Shaken Baby Training

Mandated Reporter Training

About Nicole:

“I am currently a student at FVTC. I am going for criminal justice and then psychology. In my free time, I like to be outside. I love kayaking, fishing, swimming, and just watching nature. I like to be close to my family and always enjoy a good cookout and yard games. I have a dog named Lily and I enjoy her time with her. I love working at Celebrate Neurodiversity and playing with all the kiddos. It really makes me smile when I see all the kids in the morning.”

Jaymee Snyder – Child Care Teacher

Jaymee Snyder is our newest caretaker at Celebrate Neurodiversity! Her certifications from as recognized by the state of Wisconsin include:

Mandated Reporter Training

CPR and AED Training

Abusive Head Trauma Training